Monthly Archives: September 2017

As most of you know, Irma is bearing down on South Florida.  Hopefully those here have their shutters up, and plans secured.  It has been 12 years since Wilma cut power to 6 million south Floridians.  This storm is bigger, badder, faster and stronger.  Yikes.  We are all watching the eye…and hoping we are far enough away to avoid the worst Irma has to offer.  Still they are talking 21 hours of hurricane force winds here.  That will seem like an eternity and creates the potential for huge amounts of damage.

So a friend noted – big fires in California,, Montana, Washington and other parts of the west, Harvey flooding Texas, Katia heading to Mexico, Irma barreling through the Islands and Florida, Jose barreling behind Katia in the islands, and earthquake in Mexico..  You know people ask for signs – so  is the Earth trying to tell us something???

Stay safe!!!

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