On Memorial day we should remember all of those who have gone before us who have helped us maintain our freedom and way of life.  We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live freely as we do today.  Without their sacrifice, well, things could be a lot different.  My Dad’s best friend as a teenager, and also his sister’s fiancee at the time, was one of those who lost his life while training to be a P39 fighter pilot in WW2.  Pop really never totally got over losing his best friend.

Today, the City of Tamarac, FL will unveil the glass statues the commissioned to commemorate Tamarac veteran’s.  Anyone who is or was a city resident was eligible to have their names inscribed in the glass if the proper paperwork was submitted.  My Dad lived the last 7 years of his life in Tamarac, so I submitted his name.  He should be one of the first 600 names up there.  They will honor vets from WW2, Korean war, Vietnam, and the middle east.  They will also remember those that received Purple Hearts.  Pop had one of those  We are going to the unveiling ceremony this am.  I will post photos later tonight.  I think this is a very nice tribute for Memorial Day.  Hope others follow.

Remember those that have gone before us and gave their lives for us.  And while you are at it, thank those that are still with us!  At FAU we have a number of former service personnel that graduate each year.  Thank you!







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I had the annual pleasure to tour a flying B17, B24 and mustang fighter jet today.  It is absolutely fantastic to see these plane fly.  I took a trip in this B17 about 10 years ago – well worth it.  On the plane were 10 other guys, all 80, all who had flown in a B17 during WWII, just like may Dad.  Their stories were harrowing but great – memories that flooded back like they happened yesterday.  If you have the chance to see these planes that tour the nation courtesy of the Collings Foundation, please make the effort to go see them.  Take the kids – they will love the experience.  It is a great opportunity to tell them about grampa or great grampa flying in one of these planes.  Some of those guys did not come back., which is even more important to remember.  There are always guys out there who flew on these planes – ask them about it.  It is a great learning experience.  And a great lesson to us all.

It's been three years since my father passed on.. Just missed Father's Day in 2011. For many of us, our fathers have exerted far more impact on us that we may admit and in most cases that has been a positive impact. I know mine was in a major way. Especially as you get a little older you start to realize that impact. My relationship with my Dad was always good and once I got out of school we had a lot to talk about - both engineers - but it extended far beyond that. Their recollections of the past are priceless and informative - we can never relate to some of those experiences. My Dad lived through the depression, lived through 1943 in a B17 bomber while getting flacked by German fighter planes and ground forces (two Purple Hearts) while many of his buddies did not, lived the cold war, and more before me. WIthout being passed on, those experiences will at some point be lost to time, one of the reasons storytelling is often a lost art. So today appreciate the Dad's in your life, and remember those who are no longer. Remember what they tried ot bring to and pass down through you. Happy Father's Day.

Happy 91st Pop! It’s been 2.5 years since you were last with us, but it’s funny how many things popped (no pun intended) up today that connect to you. Clearly you are still watching what goes on. We had a family summer cottage located 8 miles east of Grayling Michigan. So today I came across an old book entitled the Old AuSable written in 1963 by Hazen Miller, a U of M doctor (you were a U of M aerospace engineer) who wrote about the area back in the day (1870s to 1920s), just before your father purchased property along the AuSable River. It mentions the great grandfather of my dad’s summer playmates, one of whom just died last summer - his obit came up in my email today. Reminded me of many places I went as a kid. Funny it also reminded me of some of the old “names” that are now being lost to time, but created what exists today. It also helped with some perspective on a proposal I have been working on regarding water supplies and quality. The grayling fish disappeared by 1912 as a result of hanged on water quality (warming and silt), human impacts of logging on the fish and the introduction of other species. My proposal looks at impacts of human activity on SE Florida, especially as it relates to sea level rise and the need to capture additional soil storage capacity through infiltration trenches. The water cannot be discharged to tide due to Human-induced nutrient and roadway pollutants of the potential exists to impact fish populations. So we are looking at moving the infiltrated water to water plants in the future. We can treat the water there, cost effectively while solving another problem – diminishing water supplies for urban populations. This would diminish our need to deal with desalination and the disposal of concentrate, another proposal. Funny how sometimes it all comes together….Good times back then and up there. Making progress today. Thanks and keep on watching out for us!!

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