Books authored

I have co-authored a new book for our senior design class sequence.  The book will be out in the early part of 2015.  Just in time for students to pick up a copy to help them with their capstone design class.  The book is titled Practical Concepts for Capstone Design Engineering and is published by JRoss Publishing.  We hope this will be useful for students, but it is not a book solely focused on the capstone class.  As this class was developed, the original intent was to construct it around the actual design process that consultants go through to deliver projects.  So the students start out with how to get work, the site selection, site planning and building planning processes, before they ever get to the design part.  That due diligence in necessary to insure that you have sorted out all the details that might impact your design.  As a result, we think that this may be a useful reference for professional, especially young professionals who want to know about site plans, floor plans, environmental site assessments, codes, green building, floor planning and communicating your vision.  Coming soon to

At some point in early 2015, the AWWA manual M63 on aquifer storage and recovery will also be out.  It is the first AWWA manual devoted to the subject. or AWWA bookstore for that one.


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