Monthly Archives: November 2017

Today is the day we should thank all of those who served our country to preserve our freedom.  My Dad and his brother and my mother’s brother served during WW2.  My grandfather in WW1.  Many before that.  So today I have the distinct honor and pleasure to bring 20 FAU ASCE members (mostly seniors), to Dania Beach to participate in Project Rebuild, a project designed to help communities improve their neighborhoods by painting houses, cleanup and landscaping.

However today, rather than paint a house, we have the pleasure and honor to paint the American Legion Hall in Dania Beach.  We got there about 830 and had the building painted by 1130.  20+ kids and other volunteers makes short work of painting the exterior of a large building.  Their ceremony was at noon.  So the building looked great.

SO to honor our vets, thank  you for your service and thank you for the opportunity to do this service.  And thanks to all the students, plus Frank Schnidman, who had been providing significant help with senior design over the past year and a half, and his wife, for coming out to participate this morning!

Photos: including with commissioners and the Mayor in Dania Beach and lots of painting.



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