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The first of May is traditionally been graduation month for college students.  We went through our 6 ceremonies 10 days ago at FAU.  It is and should be a day of celebration for the students and their families.  It’s there day.  Congratulations to all graduates!!  Best of luck to all!   The good news is that the economy is picking up.  Pretty much all of our student have jobs in engineering, and employers are calling, looking for engineering interns and graduates.  Good news because clearly the business community sees a growth period ahead.  They are planning for construction.  Governments may be planning capital projects.  The stock market is up, so maybe those 401k plans have finally come back up north.  Housing values are improving in some areas, so maybe we will see that sea of retirements that’s been expected for a number of years.  With an economy based on attracting retirees, it’s been a while coming.

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