Take Meaning from Tragedy

My apologies for the delay in posting as I have been traveling.  But on my mind has been the events of two Thursday night ago, which was truly tragic and horrendous.  We should send our thoughts, hopes and sympathies to the victims, their families and those who were terrorized in the theatre but escaped, uninjured physically.  No doubt the psychological effects will linger for all the survivors and many of their families.  May we all pull together to help these people as they will need us.  We should also commend all the first responders for their efforts, in a situation that is difficult for most to imagine.  Yet they were there, doing the job we expect public employees to do when they are needed.

No one expects events like this to happen to them.  There is no way to anticipate such events which makes the tragedy all the greater.  And in the aftermath of this horrific event, were a series of threats for similar actions.  But why does this happen?

In the developed world, most of us have access to good food, decent shelter, adequate clothing and access to affordable quality water and wastewater services, all the basic needs we have to survive.  Most of the infrastructure that support us, works well.  We have cars, decent education and ability pursue jobs we want and interests we have.  We may disagree over philosophies in a variety of areas, but most of the hot political issues of the day affect few of us directly and even fewer are life threatening. Sure there are ups and downs, but how does someone deem attacking innocent people in a theatre is reasonable action?

We are all people.  Regardless of our differences, solutions can only be achieved when we all pull together.  May this tragedy serves as a catalyst for us to start working together to solve our problems, all of our problems, to provide a better future.  What better way to pay tribute to all those caught up in that theatre tragedy in Aurora……


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