Thank a Veteran – You are free because they did their job

A solemn thought to keep in mind – our veterans go and do things that most of us cannot imagine – no movie or show or description can replicate the battlefield or a fire fight.  No movie, story, newsreel or other after-the-fact replication can truly replicate the feelings that occur, the desperation they see or the uncertainty they face.  Whether current or past, volunteer or conscripts, our veterans are people like the majority of us, who went to a place where people want to kill them, and allowed themselves to be shot at to keep those people from killing us, to protect our interests and freedoms.   We are losing many or our older vets – those that fought in two world wars, Korea and Vietnam.   My Dad was one, so was my grandfather and a couple uncles.  When they go, the reality of war is lost and cannot be recreated.  We have a new group – Vietnam, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and more who have lived new fights.  In all cases, they all did their jobs as they were directed to do by our government.  Talk to a vet.  Understand the terror of people trying to kill you.  Understand the changes that can occur in them, realizing you cannot relive their experience. Listen, and most of all – thank a vet!

Click this link. My dad is second from the right in the back row – B17 Crew i England. 1943



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