Dr. Louis Guillette

I want to acknowledge the passing of a person who has made major contributions to the water industry, but whom few have heard much about.  Dr. Louis Guillette was Professor of Zoology at the University of Florida. Dr. Guillette studied alligators in Florida for over ten years, particularly in Lake Apopka.  He also studied turtles.  One of the things Dr. Guillette studied was the impact of endocrine disrupting compounds on the reproduction of gators and turtles.  He was able to show that estrogenic compounds could disrupt the normal patterns for determining sex in turtles and alligators (temperature), and that exposure could lead the male alligators to, well need those little pills, mate with the females.  Lake Apopka had a spill and the male alligators were less than proficient let’s say.  He tracked this data for years and published peer-reviewed articles about it. I never met Dr. Guillette but I do bring him up in my water/wastewater class when we talk about endocrine disruptors.  We lost him at a far too young 60.  He will be missed in the industry.



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