Happy Veteran’s Day

Please thank a vet for their service.  Without them we would not be as free as we are and we would be a lot less safe.  They have made sacrifices many of us cannot understand – we were not there.  But please understand, vets went to fight because their country, that the rest of us, asked them to.  They didn’t go looking for a fight but they did not back down from one.  Some never came back – the ultimate sacrifice.  But they did it because we asked them to lay down their lives for us.  They fought for freedom (ours in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812), for the freedom of others (Civil War), Freedom from tyranny (WW1, WW2) idealism (Korea, Vietnam) and our defense from the attacks of others (Afghanistan).  We should never put them in harm’s way unless there is a national security reason to do so.  And then, we need to give them  our support and understanding coming back.  Those that give us their true service won’t ask for it, but we need to give it as freely as they risk their lives.  And remember, we cannot relate to what they experienced.  Only they can.  So thank  Vet for all you have!

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