Students Present to the University President


In a deviation from the normal water/utility agenda, I wanted to note that two of our senior design classes has the privilege of presenting their projects to the University President on Tuesday.  The President is interested in fostering a town-to-gown type relationship with the City of Boca Raton, much like that in Chapel Hill or Clemson where the university and the City partner to accomplish many good things.  Boca might be a little tougher since its history is not dependent on the university, although the university is the largest economic engine in Palm Beach County, and in Boca Raton by far.  Our President is particularly interested in creating an enclave of students, grad students, visiting professors and newly graduated student housing area on the east side of campus that would connect directly to the main campus, reduce commuter traffic and improve interaction between the university and the community.  All good goals and if you have been to Chapel Hill or Clemson (or many other university towns,) you know this can be great.  Our students pursued a project based on some input from our planning students (and their advisor Frank Schnidman, Esq) and our architectural students to create a catalyst – mixed use building serving students and area resident services plus amenities.  He was very impressed with what the students did.  Their presentations were excellent.  Judge for yourselves – realizing they have a few thousand pages of backup material and design documents for these.  Hopefully the plan can proceed – maybe these project will serve as the basis for a design build project, much like we had happen for the Dania Beach nanofiltration plant.


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