Memorial Day

On Memorial day we should remember all of those who have gone before us who have helped us maintain our freedom and way of life.  We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live freely as we do today.  Without their sacrifice, well, things could be a lot different.  My Dad’s best friend as a teenager, and also his sister’s fiancee at the time, was one of those who lost his life while training to be a P39 fighter pilot in WW2.  Pop really never totally got over losing his best friend.

Today, the City of Tamarac, FL will unveil the glass statues the commissioned to commemorate Tamarac veteran’s.  Anyone who is or was a city resident was eligible to have their names inscribed in the glass if the proper paperwork was submitted.  My Dad lived the last 7 years of his life in Tamarac, so I submitted his name.  He should be one of the first 600 names up there.  They will honor vets from WW2, Korean war, Vietnam, and the middle east.  They will also remember those that received Purple Hearts.  Pop had one of those  We are going to the unveiling ceremony this am.  I will post photos later tonight.  I think this is a very nice tribute for Memorial Day.  Hope others follow.

Remember those that have gone before us and gave their lives for us.  And while you are at it, thank those that are still with us!  At FAU we have a number of former service personnel that graduate each year.  Thank you!







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