Rockies in the Fall


I spent 3.5 days hiking 45 miles hiking over 8000 ft in the Rockies two weeks ago.  Evening were spent working on my infrastructure book. It snowed on my 2.5 days of the time.  Winds 60 mph at Mills Pond, but it was all good.  Hiking in the cool weather is the right way to do it.  Thank goodness for lined jeans.  300+ elk.  50+ deer.  No coyotes but I heard them.  Most of the leaves were gone, but caught a few.  One spot near Cub Lake had a gold carpet of fallen leaves.  Take a look…


Golden carpet

img_9489Cub Lake

img_9536Lake Helene

img_9460Bear Lake

img_9542Emerald Lake

img_9541Dream Lake

img_9478Odessa Lake

img_9483Fern Lake

img_9570Sprague lake

IMG_9557.JPGThe Loch

img_9562Mills Pond (note the chop in the water – 60 mph winds w snow)

img_9546Lake Hayiaha

IMG_9629.JPGBridal Veil Falls

img_9635Balanced Rock

img_9600Big Bull elk



In have been a very warm fall so far despite the snow.  The west side still has no snow in the valley.  Here is hoping they get lots this winter.  See you next year RMNP!



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