Another Semester Done..

It is the end of the semester.  Where did winter go?  Congratulations to our students who are graduating May 4!.  Early this time.  Maybe I can get all the grades done before the weekend!!   Looks Like Colorado has had some snow, so my July trip out should be fun and green (Hot, but fun).  Lemon basil ice cream in Grand Lake.  You cannot imagine how good that is!  We are also planning a Yellowstone trip and I cannot wait to grab 1000s of photos to share.  Last time I was at Yellowstone I shot 1000 picture on film.  No limitations this time!!!!  How I will use the concepts in a future paper I am unsure, but I would like to do a comparative study across Alaska, Michigan, Colorado and Florida as a summer class.  It would be interesting I think. Or at least I can gather enough data for….another project.  In the meantime, I will be back to blogging.  Economics and utilities and leadership – fodder for another book perhaps?.  I am looking at a paper on stewardship that may tie to an ethics seminar next Fall.  And I am hoping AWWA will help with the “leadership in the water industry” survey that is partially drafted but need a survey.  I know people are tired of surveys, but sometimes there is one that might help us all.  We think this is one.


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