Why the Pile Problem is a Problem

A month after Irma, and several rounds of City, FPL and homeowner tree trimming, cleanup and more, the piles are not picked up.  So besides rats, cockroaches, palmetto bug, composted breakdown( smells) and other ills, take a look closely at these photos.


There is a stop sign there

IMG_1278 (1)

There is a fire hydrant in there

IMG_1281 (1)

There might be a car coming down the road.

Now when  the inevitable problem occurs – is the City going to be responsible for this?  I stopped smoke testing in Hallandale Beach until the piles were gone (they are making huge progress), but in the City with these pipes, how do the fire department staff access the hydrant?  Accidents?  This is why communities need to have their guys to do work.  The contractors and subcontractors are looking for the highest dollar.  you aren’t it, you fall down the list.  Right?  no.  Do they have contract?  Sure.  Are they following them?  No.  Recourse?  Sue them.  The courts might get to it next summer.  Meanwhile the piles survive.  Maybe privatization was not the answer here.


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