Leadership Survey

Good Evening.  It has been an exciting winter and spring in south Florida.  Much to talk about in the coming weeks.  The infrastructure management book iis with the publisher.  We are still not in our offices at FAU.  We are gaining momentum on an Alaska conference in August 2019.  We were successful in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano and Tallahassee with student projects.  Lots to talk about.

BUT the BIG THING FOR NOW is that FINALLY, after two years of discussion, the water industry leadership survey is up!  Paste this in your browser:


So here is the deal.  Share!  Please! With as many utility people as possible.  We want over 1,000 responses from all over the United States.

The survey is 40 simple questions.  Time to complete is estimated at 10 minutes.  Anyone can do it (all water industry sectors (including stormwater, sewers, manufacturers, etc.)

We are particularly interested in the perceptions of YPs (young people) and mid-career people.

The intent is to analyze how the perceptions of leadership changes (or not) and how to develop it  in the industry.

Training, papers, seminars, webinars are all potential outcomes.  This is much more than just another survey.  We hope this will help us all.

Here is the link again:


Please share and encourage others.  Especially those sections outside of Florida


One more time



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