Leadership Survey

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BAck from AWWA ACE and the Grand Canyon.  70 public officials attended the class.  12 hrs, 3 days.  Very good.  I hope they learned a lot.  Seemed like they enjoyed the class.

So now back to reality and projects I am working on.  FIrst up the leadership survey.


ACE came just after this went out.  THere are about 2000 people who received this blog via direct WordPress, Facebook, twitter or other means.  About half are in the water industry.  So, please help us out.  This started as a Florida survey on leadership, but we want it to be national results.  40 Q, 10 minutes to complete.  Multiple guess format.  About 50 did it in the first few days.  Average time was 10 min as designed.  And kinda fun and thought provoking.

The survey  is designed to try to find out where leaders are and how to increase leadership.  That could lead to training and other opportunities for sections and utilities.

Please share the link.  We are particularly interested in the under 40 people who represent the next generation of leaders.

The goal is to use the data to create a paper/report and then to develop outcomes based on the data.

PAste in your browser:




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