Can I complain?

How to start your morning a couple weeks ago – get up real early to get on an airplane fr a 3 hour trip for work.  Be required to use the least cost option for airfare.  Know that you will need to add $45 for your carry-on each way, $13 more each way to pick your seat (that was the cheapest option) to get your boarding pass, which means maybe not the least cost, but it is what you have to do.  Figure you will get no soda or crackers without added cost, but still be a little disappointed that your expectation was met.  Ok, not totally surprised because you knew these cheap airlines offer you a low fare so you will book them, then double it with the fees that come afterward before you can get your boarding pass.  And you expected them to skimp on crackers and sodas.  But could you please at least clean the plane overnight?  Food on the floor.  Crumbs everywhere.  Seats with stuff on them.  Tiniest tray table you have ever seen – completely useless to put anything on.  I mean the plane has been in Fort Lauderdale all night and we couldn’t sweep stuff out?  I hope I don’t pick up bugs ☹


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