The Weirdness of S. Florida

South Florida has a house for sale for $159 million.  It has 58,000 sf.  Seriously, 58,000 sf.  That is like a Publix grocery store or half the average Walmart.  Seriously – what does one person do with 58,000 sf?  That was on page 1 of the local section.  On page 2, was a discussion about how cell phones do not reach 911 very quickly because limited funding at the local level.  The weirdness of S. Florida.

Meanwhile, thankfully the election is over, not because of who won or lost but because maybe the endless cell phone spam calls, political action groups mailings, campaign mail, endless texts and non-stop email messages will finally SLOW DOWN – I just know they will not stop but please – I cant get to my actual emails among all this mess.


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