B17 goes Down

Many of those who have read my blog know that the WWII B17 bomber are special to me.  My Dad flew 25 mission in WWII on one.  He really trusted the plane.  I was contacted a couple years ago by the son of his pilot for most of those mission.  Same story.  The Collings Foundation has been flying one since 1986.  I got to take a ride about 10 of years ago, and have tried to go see the planes every years when they hit Boca Raton’s airport or the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.  Two years ago I was there as they were getting ready to depart.  I got to help them oil up the engines (spinning propellers) before they started the engines.  Very cool.  And I have lots off photos of their plane the 909.

The sad news – it crashed in Connecticut on Oct 2.  I posted a number of stories about it as they were coming in.  Very sad – seven people died, including the pilot and co-pilot and five passengers. onboard.  One crewman and the other 5 passengers were burned when the plane exploded.  Very sad for all involved.  Very sad for all those who have enjoyed the 909 over the years.  Only 9 still fly.  I am fortunate to have been on board the plane over 15 times and took that ride.  I will miss seeing this great piece of history.


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