Lost B17

The last week of January for the past 10 years has been my opportunity to revisit WW2 bombers in either Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton presented by the Collings Foundation.  The plane I looked forward to the most was the B17, a plane my Dad flew 25 missions on during WW2.  The plane was named the 909.  I signed up and did a 1 hour flight about 15 years ago.  It was truly a great experience and gave me some idea of my Dad’s experience (minus the flak and bullets of course – thankfully!).  Several years ago, a number of my students went when they flew into the Boca airport and enjoyed this piece of history.  So I was curious whether the Collings Foundation would fly in this year given that we lost the 909 last October when it crashed with 13 aboard on one of those flights like I took.  Very sad – sadder that 6 of the 13 died and the others were in pretty bad shape.  We lost people and a huge piece of history as the B17 was a critical component of the US willing WW2.  Worse, it was only one of a very few that still can fly.  The good news, the Collings Foundation is still flying their other planes.

The sad news, they did not come to southeast Florida this year, but it would have been a little weird going and not seeing the 909. THe photos below are the 2018 visit – I went on my birthday – last couple are it flying away – I got to help oil the propellor to start it up.  909 – you are missed


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