Memorial Day


Today is the Day that America remembers those fallen heroes that fought to protect our freedoms.  Memorial Day is supposed to be a time to reflect on those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  These people, and the many veterans that served with them understood that what was important was protecting our country and our way of life.  Sacrifices needed to be made, and they made them.  It was not easy – no one said it would be.  FDR noted that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself as we navigated the Great Depression, then WW2, both full of sacrifices at home and abroad.  The overarching goal of protecting our country was more important that the needs of individuals.  Sacrifices the Greatest Generation tried to make sure their descendants never faced.  We have not inherited the mantle and duty to protect the greater “us.”  That is patriotism.

Our expectations of our government have been that our government will protect and uplift us in time of need.  Virtually all government legislation notes that the intent is the protection of the public health, safety and welfare, or something akin to that.  The US Constitution addresses this as well in the first paragraph – “promote the general Welfare.”  Laws and rules are made to reinforce that concept of the greater good.  Likewise, we look to governments in the aftermath of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. to protecting the greater good by bringing much needed help for the greater good.

So, let’s remember the sacrifices that those who have fought for this country have made, let’s remember those sacrifices so they are not in vain.  Likewise, let’s resist recognizing false patriots who’s real agenda is their personal desires, something that our forefathers would view as anti-American, and would view with disgust.


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