Electric Land (not the old Bad Company song)


The 1930s Rural Electrification Administration brought 90% of those in rural America to the electric grid.  The goal of an “electric world” remains elusive, however.  A recent Power engineering magazine notes that while the electric world sounds great, there are certain sectors where electricity remains ill-suited to today’s world – those are primarily transportation and logistics based.  Electric cars sound great (my great grandmother had one of the first in Detroit back in the day), but the infrastructure needs to be built to support electric cars.  OR any hybrid model like hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas, etc.  The biggest barrier to expansion of the transportation industry to w=electric is delivery o f fuel.

The article also noted that certain industrial processes that are power intensive may not be suited for full electrification at present – high heat processes were one.  Energy efficiency is also a challenges in industrial facilities, and a challenge for an electric grid that may require substantial upgrades to accept the added power needed to fuel such facilities.


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