Another Toxic Chemical to Watch Out for

I use a video in the environmental engineering class that I periodically teach that is an advertisement for DDT.  I recall my grandmother has several of the items shown in the video in her cabin in northern Michigan.  I never saw her use them, but I found it interesting that years after I last saw these items, I found the video.  DDT is still a persistent problem in the world – found everywhere – even in Antarcticca.  But it is not the only “bad guy.”

DDT was banned in the US nearly 40 years ago.  We also banned carbofurans in the US but the manufacturer continued to sell the compound overseas.  Like DDT, carbofuan poisoning in wildlife are on the rise.  Which means it is in our raw water sources.  And who tests for these regularly?  Do they move in groundwater?  Can they taint fish and birds (if they don’t die first).  Scientists find areas in the wilderness with bottles of the stuff “to keep the Jaguars away” as one person said.  The illegal and continued use of pesticides and hazardous chemical like this places us all at risk.  Once illegal, these compounds should not be manufactured any longer.  Its only going to make things better.


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