90 days of Covid-19

It has been at least 90 days for most of us dealing with altered realities with covid-19.  From a water industry perspective, while first responders, nurses and doctors are heroes in this fight with the virus, let’s not forget our water and wastewater staffs that ensure that the water and sewer needed by all the at-home workers and hospitals works like it should.  Social distancing when fixing a water or sewer leak is difficult, but the repair is necessary so our people do what needs to be done.  These complex systems continue to operate despite the threat posed by covid-19, and perhaps with increased threats associated with covid19 in wastewater.  We hear revenues are falling for local governments.  Let us hope that as cities and states see decreases in revenues in the general fund, water and sewer operations do not face budget cuts because of siphoning funds away to balance the general fund.  We don’t was to create more examples where utility funds are continually siphoned to other purposes at the cost of deferring needed investments.  Respect and thanks for our operations people doing their job is to give them the tools they need to keep us safe.  Let’s make that happen!


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