Critters coming back

A recent article I re-posted noted that the critters are coming back to parts of national parks where they have not been seen in years.  That may be a challenge for new babies born in the covid-19 closing that have not seen people before but it does mean that critters will recover if human influences are reduced.  I see if in my backyard as well.  A lot more birds and butterflies around.

Other good news – wolf introduction is on the state ballot in Colorado.  3 wolves have been killed in the state in the past 10 years and a live one was sighted in Kremmling.  They are around but the numbers are tiny.  Keep your fingers crossed as they will help an overcrowded ecosystem.  The hope is that the wolves will be able to create the same relationship that exists on Isle Royale.

Three red wolves were transferred to the wild to help struggling red wolf populations in North Carolina as no wolf pups were born in 2019.  There are so few of these guys around that maybe this will help the wild population retain their numbers.

And the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Dept announced that it is in favor of restoring bison into their historical range in the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest and C.M. Russell NWR.  We will see how that works but the bison have attempted to go there.

It could be a good year afterall.


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