You have to Wonder…

71% of grizzly bears that died in the Lower 48 states from 2004-2014 died as a result of human causes, much of it related to illegal hunting.  That is an indication of lax prosecution of poachers.  The same issue exists with exotic animals in other parts of the world – the penalties are not enough to dissuade poachers.  Clearly efforts are needed to protect wildlife.  But good news, the International Wildlife Council, a group of trophy hunters and gun advocates set to guide federal rules on big game hunting, has been disbanded after a lawsuit was filed challenging the makeup of the group as a regulatory body.  Now some of these same characters want to remove wolves from the endangered species list.  They want to hunt wolves.  And we have seen the triumph of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone and a proposed ballot measure in Colorado this year to reintroduce wolves, and have to wonder.


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