Ecosystem Factoids

Because inquiring minds want to know…..

A friend of mine has a raccoon problem.  Turns out so do all his neighbors as there are traps everywhere behind his house.  Not that they catch any raccoon.  The trapper he hired noted that a year or so ago the residents wanted the coyotes exterminated because they snapped up a few cats.  Now they have a racoon problem.  Funny how that works.  Oh and a feral cat problem.   Maybe they should bring back the coyotes and keep their cats inside.

Sharks are indicators of ocean health.  The numbers of white-tip sharks has plummeted by 90% since 1990, mostly due to fishing pressures.  Sharks clean up the waters from the dead and dying.  Less sharks =?

Frogs are an indicator of the health of biosystems.  If there are no frogs, there is no clean water.  Note that when looking as sourcewater protection

We may only have identified 20% of the bugs out there. 

And finally – there is more plastic in the ocean that fish.  And its heading to our shores.  Much of it is in tiny spheres, a huge problem for collection. Birds, fish, whales, dolphins, sharks etc cannot avoid.  This year we made the equivalent of 25,000 Empire State buildings worth of plastic.  That is a lot of plastic.  The good news Is that there are people trying to clean some of those up, but that is a monstrous job.

4Ocean.   Buy a bracelet to support these heros.


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