Please do not Flush the Wrong things

One of the problems that has appeared with the covid 19 pandemic is an increase of inappropriate materials in the sewer system.  The covid chaos created a shortage of toilet paper and baby wipes, but handy wipes, baby wipes, diapers, cloths, etc skyrocketed.  That means more pumps grind to a halt, plugged up with unraveling cloth materials, leading to sanitary sewer overflows.  The Associate Press noted that Houston, TX reported a 33% increase in SSOs.  At Beale Air Force Base in California, crews were working 16 hours a day to clean up the mess. Small communities watched pump after pump burn out from these materials.  Please, toilet paper (Scott preferred) and waste – that is what goes done the toilet.  Nothing else.  Please.  Help those sewer worked who, literally, have to put their hands in the Covid laden wastewater to clean up the mess.  They need your help.


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