How Fast A Recovery?

There is an expectation that the covid 19 will be slow.  Or will it?  Once a vaccine is created, assuming a large percentage of the population gets the vaccine and it works, a lot of other issues get resolved.  The next question is how quickly the economy will get back on track, especially the service industry jobs in restaurants and retail. Expect that there to be change in how these industries change operations.  The $15 minimum wage will also create a challenge – the fact that a $15/hr pay rate may cross the threshold whereby the cost of technology and cost of people are similar.  This is the same issue with manufacturing jobs.  Despite the nonsense in Washington, the biggest challenge to American manufacturing jobs has been the conversion to robot and technology, which has fewer errors, less down time, and less costs.  If you are General Motors, do you choose people or cheaper robots that have higher reliability to make cars.  The answer is a companies have the obligation to protect their shareholders, not their people or their customers. 


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