Offshore Energy coming to your community?

Speaking of renewable power (my last blog), wind power investment continues.  Offshore wind farms are starting to be developed in certain areas. Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey are states that believe these offshore farms are feasible.  Windmills are proposed by dominion power 27 miles offshore of Virginia Beach as a demonstration site. The investment could be $60 billion per an AWEA report in 2020.  While issues with seeing windmills in the water may engender resistance in certain communities, development of solutions, hubs and addressing FERC guidelines could be accomplished.  A nudge to fund these options well offshore might be needed, but despite the covd-19 downturn in the economy, wind power has soldiered on.  Onshore wind has been less successful – AWEA (American Wind Energy Assoc.) estimated that on shore investments of $35 B were deferred in Nebraska as a result of the pandemic. 


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