Boston – you are in our thoughts

My thoughts are with those in Boston.  A terrible incident surrounding a wonderful springtime celebration where some one or some group that has decided that violence is somehow an appropriate means to make a point, a point that so far has escaped us in Boston.  No one deserves to be impacted by events like that.

All such acts are terrorism, domestic or otherwise.  We need to understand that the goal of terrorism is to disrupt our day-to-day life, to scare people, make them afraid to do normal activities, to cause their withdraw from society, to bankrupt business and disrupt economies by slowing cash flow and disrupt governance.  All to make some point.  Or because they are crazy.  Crazy people do crazy things; we expect it, but are always surprised when it happens.

My message to those who did this – so you are crazy, have some issue with someone, are unhappy or want change.  There are doctors and appropriate channels for change, so why disrupt people’s lives?  What does this accomplish?  That’s the eternal question.  Such behavior cannot be tolerated and tends to make us stronger.

For the rest of us, we do society and those directly impacts an injustice to “accept” it, to tolerate it or to ignore it.  May we judiciously pursue the guilty and bring them to justice.  We all must do our part.  Special thanks to all those already helping – the blood donors, first responders, people on the scene who helped.  In the meantime, as FDR said the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”   Defy their goals!  Don’t give into their desire to disrupt us.  May our healing begin…

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  1. Lloyd Wander said:

    I too, share your thoughts and feelings about the Boston bombing with respect to the senseless situation that unfolded there. My concerns are many and varied but the one that seems to stand out is, where is the outrage? Are we as a society to simply accept the carnage that is thrust upon us? Where is the indignation, the refusal and rejection to accept this as a normal part of our lives going forward? If our government response is limited to words of regret and consolation, devoid of any swift and decisive action we will experience this kind of event over and over again. If this is our response our government is not worthy of its citizens, we must demand a government that will be willing to cut off the snakes head so that the tail will die. Without this action, we continue to put ourselves behind walls while the perpetrators run free in the streets. One old mans opinion.


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