ONE Water?

One.  That’s the mantra.  I started blogging a year ago with the statement that “It’s all one water.”  And that is true, regardless of the form it may be in (raw, waste, storm, reclaimed, gray, industrial, etc).  But I may have used too many words.  Dan  Pink notes in his newest book “To Sell is Human” that one of the recent trends is to try to get  your  message to one word.  Obama did this with “Change” in 2008 and “Forward” in 2012.  Others have noted that branding to one word is in vogue with private companies as well.  So what about the water industry? So what about water?  Maybe we simply need to say “One.”  It is all one.  We can treat any water quality to meet whatever your need may be.  So why differentiate the water source? There are many water associations out there for a variety of reasons including unhappiness with another associated (so they creates a breakaway group).  But how does this help the water industry?   There are too many water associations that are way too specialized in what they do.  Differentiating them create silos, silos that make you think water is different.  But we know it is not.  It’s all one.  So for example, the America Water Works Association is the oldest of the water industry associations and is the only one that sets standards for the industry.  It has long created manuals of practice that have been updated numerous times by industry professionals.  And water purveyors must treat all types of water to deliver healthy, safe water to your household, and they do, and have for over 100 years.  Tap water is as safe or safer than any other option.  So what would happen if AWWA were to reassert its leadership role with a new mantra that pulls the industry together.  What if they tried “One”?


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