Back from the ASCE SE Competition

My students are back from the ASCE Southeast Regional Student Competition.  They received 2 second place awards out of 18 contests.  Not too shabby considering there were only about 30 students that were active in putting this together, all going to school full-time, and many working and supporting families.  And they were competing against 30 other schools, including several far bigger engineering schools like the Universities of Florida, Alabama, and Central Florida and Auburn University. 

So how did they do?  Let’s start with the canoe.  The canoe was indestructible (see photo).  The students rowed well given very little experience.  Far better than some of the other schools despite the wind and currents in the canal.  The canoe was 700 lbs and it still floated.  They finished second on plan reading and professional paper competitions.  The environmental filter worked super well the first trial.  A little plugging on the second but a good job regardless.  The balsa bridge held 700 lbs and the 186 g 2 x 2 x 2 inch cube – 1400 lbs.  They also did surveying, shuffleboard with concrete materials, and several others.  All good efforts, and each year gets better. 

If you have never seen these competitions, you need to.  The students work hard, compete well and have fun.  It is a good means to meet other students and see what they do.  The key is to autopsy the results to help the next students.  Overall a good experience for all of them.  So congratulations!


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