Happy Father’s Day Pop!

IMG_0234It’s been three years since my father passed on.. Just missed Father’s Day in 2011. For many of us, our fathers have exerted far more impact on us that we may admit and in most cases that has been a positive impact. I know mine was in a major way. Especially as you get a little older you start to realize that impact. My relationship with my Dad was always good and once I got out of school we had a lot to talk about – both engineers – but it extended far beyond that. Their recollections of the past are priceless and informative – we can never relate to some of those experiences. My Dad lived through the depression, lived through 1943 in a B17 bomber while getting flacked by German fighter planes and ground forces (two Purple Hearts) while many of his buddies did not, lived the cold war, and more before me. WIthout being passed on, those experiences will at some point be lost to time, one of the reasons storytelling is often a lost art. So today appreciate the Dad’s in your life, and remember those who are no longer. Remember what they tried ot bring to and pass down through you. Happy Father’s Day.


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