The Old Coyote

This is very cool.  Summer of 2015 I was laying in bed in Grand Lake Colorado after a day of hiking around with my wife.  I got an idea for  a short story about a coyote that was old and having trouble keeping up.  I have never written fiction before but typed out the story on the plane ride back.  The entire story is from they coyote’s view realizing he does not understand people, cars, dogs, etc.  So here is the really cool thing – I submitted it to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers 2016 anthology called “Found”  and it was accepted as one of the 15 short stories.  So cool!  Here is the link to amazon.

And  the cover:


The signing is October 5 at Union Station in downtown Denver.  My challenge – seeing if I can figure a way around classes etc to get there….  But even if I don’t the anthology is great.  Here is the Denver post link….

Best Bet: Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ “Found” locates itself at Tattered Cover


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