Stay Safe with Matthew

We are currently waiting on Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane that will be skirting the Florida coast for the next 2 days.  We could get some really big winds out of this.  And lots of power outages and possible water and sewer outages.  The good news, our Florida WARN system is a system where utilities work together to pool assets to help each other.  It is a model system modeled by many others. Tree create the biggest challenge to water viability since most of us have generators.  Sewer is much more dependent on localized power, which is why the FLAWarn system to share generators is a model.  It helps those who are stressed.  The hope is not too many people will be stressed.  Matthew is offshore, a slight eastward movement.  We will see how this affects us.    Meanwhile the models show a loop.  A second Florida hit.  That would be a first.  Let’s hope it doesn’t create more a problem.  Stay Safe out there!!



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