Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy some fireworks, good cheer and good friends, but remember how we got here.  I was recently in Philadelphia for a conference and had the opportunity to go to Independence Hall, the Museum of the American Revolution and other sites of relevance from our founding fathers.  They had pretty serious troubles in those days and they had the audacity to think they could break from the norms of the time to govern themselves. Their own neighbors often did not agree with them, and did not think that this thinking was going to end in anything useful.  they were fighting the greatest empire known to man.  The revolution was by no means unanimous our forefathers.  Nor were the ideas in the Constitution fully developed.  Southern states only would sign of in slavery was permitted and slaves counted at 3/5 of a person.  How much did that thinking hold them back?  Clearly many did not agree with this and many other “status quo” ideas.  Go, read, understand, what they were trying to do. Crazy for the time.


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