Latest from Flint

So not only did the state indict 5 people associated with the Flint water crisis with mansalughter (, but one of them, Nick Lyon, is the current director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Another high-ranking state health department official, Dr. Eden Wells, was charged Wednesday with obstruction of justice and lying to an officer.

Now the same agency that took all the flack for permitting the crisis to occur, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, is suing the City of flint for failing to get contracts in place for long-term water from Detroit.   (

That should be an interesting court case.  One agency under a cloud and perceived to be untrustworthy, suing the perceived to be untrustworthy City it oversaw.  The legal arguments should be very interesting.  And it proves the litigation and bad healines from Flint are far from over.


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