New Book Is out

I have not done a huge amount to blogging in recent months in part because I have been trying to finish my latest book on Infrastructure management.  The cover:

Infrastructure Final Cover

I got a nice write-up- in the Journal of American Water Works Association (thanks Ken Mercer).  Here is the link if you are an AWWA member:

The book has taken about 18 months to do, and thanks to the students in 3 classes where I taught the subject.  It does take at least three times teaching a class to figure it out.  The book was written for both professionals in the field and for educators.  The book is standalone, but there is separate material for powerpoints, tests and homework if someone wants to teach the class.  FAU proposed a graduate education grant to NSF that would cover the topics.  So maybe we get some traction?

Thanks to all who contributed.


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