The Fatberg is not Toxic

That is the word out of Great Britain.  Some folks will recall they had a 15 ton fatberg in the sewer system beneath London Last year.  Someone actually analyzed it and found it was full to the typical constituents that sanitary sewer folks deal with all the time – grease, handi-wipes, baby wipes and feminine hygiene products.  It you look in enough sewers you realize they are full of these items.  one recent system is surveyed had excessive amount of grease – so much so that is has been difficult to clean the lines to televise them.  Grease does not go down the sink. People have to understand this and utilities must educate folks about it.  A second system I surveyed was full of paper – paper towels, baby wipes, handi-wipes and  hygiene products.  Add a little grease and much of the system was sluggish, – but one could see all of the paper/fabric in the sewers.  I goth the opportunity to speak to the City Commission, with the press present and I noted that they needed an immediate public education program.  The utility director confirmed that he was having trouble keeping pumps running with so much paper.  His budget is high to address this issue.  Education matters.  Here is what one local community used.  I thought it was pretty good.  Mailed it to everyone.

what to flush

Here is the link to the article:



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